Legal Victories


Not Guilty Verdict - Federal Drug Trafficking

My client was charged with being a part of a large drug trafficking conspiracy.  He was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years behind bars.  In reality, though, my client was merely  a street-level buyer and not a member of a larger drug conspiracy.  At trial, I successfully argued just that to the jury, and they found him not guilty.  He's a free man today, back with his family and enjoying his life.

Not Guilty Verdict - Federal Armed Robbery

My client was charged with armed robbery of a check-cashing business. The  government's case against my client was weak - in fact, the victim of the robbery had identified someone other than my client as one of the robbers.  At trial, the government put cooperating witnesses on the stand to testify that my client was involved.  Through aggressive cross-examination, I was able to make it clear to the jury that the cooperators were not truthful.   In closing, I successly argued that the government did not have the evidence to prove my client guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and the  jury  found him not guilty.

Not Guilty Verdict - Federal Armed Robbery, Carjacking & Firearms Offenses

My client  faced a mandatory minimum prison sentence . I successfully argued that the government had charged the wrong individual.  My client was found not guilty.

Charges Dismissed - Federal "Pill Mill Indictment

Suspended Sentence - Felon In Possession of Firearm